Need to take the edge off your hectic life and find some calm? Acupuncture could just be the answer.

  • Today we tend to live our lives fast and fun, squeezing as much into a day (and night) as we possibly can. 
  • Whilst this is an exciting way to live it can also cause stress and over stimulation leading to many chronic conditions such as IBS, anxiety, sleep problems, tiredness and a low immune system.
  • Kate has developed a stress management program specifically to help with these issues. We can't aways change the way we live but we can help to manage the stress that this lifestyle brings.
  • A course of regular acupuncture can help turn down the adrenalin and over stimulation that your body is feeling. Allowing you to relax and literally taking the edge off life!
  • Over the years Kate has treated many people who just feel that their life is a bit too much and stress is taking hold. She has helped minimise ongoing chronic conditions and body pain. Usually this is done through a consolidated course of acupuncture followed by monthly top up tuning sessions. Please call and ask for more details on how Kate can help you.