There is a lot of negative press around Chinese herbal medicine being unsafe, however if prescribed, sourced and used properly they are extremely safe with little side effects.

Kate ensures that quality of the herbs she prescribes by only using approved (by RCHM) suppliers who have rigorous standards and strict guidelines. 

What is in your Chinese Herbal Medicine? A combination of Chinese Herbal Medicinals prescribed by a qualified practitioner who has met the standards of, and is regulated by, the UK Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM).  Your formula only uses ingredients which are of organic plant origin. The exact content is available to you upon request.

 Who supplied your herbal medicine? You herbal medicine comes in raw dried form or concentrated powders which have been mixed and supplied by a fully approved Chinese Herbal Dispensary. Kate uses a variety of herbal suppliers but ensures that each have been approved by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and follow their strict regulations.  Please do not attempt to buy herbal preparations directly from the internet as quality/ingredients cannot be ensured.

Endangered species, animals and minerals. Ingredients used in your herbal medicine are strictly regulated by the RCHM.  The use of endangered species, animal or mineral products are prohibited in the UK and your herbal medicines comply with these regulations.

Is this Herbal Medicine suitable for you?  The herbal medicine prescribed for you is specifically for your condition at the time of consultation. Should your condition change contact Kate and discuss these changes as your medicine may need to be modified or reformulated. In any case your treatment progress should be reviewed by Kate at least once every four weeks.

Possible side effects. Side effects rarely happen as a result of taking Chinese Herbal Medicine, however, in some people there can be side effects.  If you experience symptoms that are very different to those you are being treated for or any of the following symptoms, stop taking the herbal medicine and contact me on 07880545943 or  Do not restart taking your herbal medicines until instructed to do so by myself.  Symptoms – severe tiredness, diarrhoea, headache, nausea/vomit, upper abdominal pain, feeling generally unwell, loss of appetite.  If you experience any new acute illness such as a cold or flu please contact me and I will advise you if it is ok to continue with the herbs.

Storage. Store in a cool and dry place.  Keep all medicines in a safe place out of children.