"I went to see Kate after trying to get pregnant for one year without success. I had been told by the doctor that I had a low ovarian reserve and may struggle to conceive. I was confused by different opinions from health practitioners and scared by reading things online. Kate helped me to understand some of the misconceptions of ovarian reserve. She explained that focussing on improving my overall wellbeing and ovarian environment would help my growing follicles to be of a better quality. I took Chinese herbs and had acupuncture over a period of six months. I noticed quickly that my cycles became longer and more regulated which would give my follicles a chance to grow properly. Three months into my treatment, I did a cycle of IVF. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful but I felt supported by Kate throughout. Kate’s knowledge and positive approach were incredibly reassuring. We were again told by the doctor that the chances of conceiving either naturally or through IVF were slim. I continued seeing Kate as I felt that I was really benefiting from the treatment. In the New Year, I couldn’t believe it when I got a positive pregnancy test. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Kate is now supporting me through my pregnancy" Jennifer, SW London

ivf and first trimester

"Kate is a fantastic acupuncturist, very caring, flexible, a good listener and takes her patients well-being and progress very seriously.  In my case, the odds of conceiving after one round of IVF were low and I put my positive outcome and healthy pregnancy down to Kate's acupuncture sessions.

Acupuncture was something I knew very little about before starting but I’ve really enjoyed the way it makes me feel and the benefits I have gained from it and would recommend it to anyone. It has helped me look after myself, relax and has eased my nausea, back pain and insomnia experienced during my first trimester." Helen, Clapham


'I had been suffering from really itchy eczema on my wrist and other areas of my body. The doctors wanted me to use steroids and whilst I like to use natural products I had tried many creams from natural health outlets and none had worked. I came to see Kate and the results were amazing. My eczema has disappeared' Julia, Peckham


"I would like to recommend Kate Freemantle, the herbalist and acupuncturist who I give credit for giving me my little girl after trying for some time" Sara, Streatham

 IVF Support

 'I really believe, that without Kate, my IFV cycle would not have been successful - the IVF process itself is draining and Kate's understanding and experience, helped prepare my body (and my mind).  She is amazingly calm and has so much knowledge, I had so many questions and worries, she completely put my mind at rest and was so positive and wonderful, from start to finish.  I learnt more about the IVF / Fertility process though Kate's knowledge than I did through any of the consultants. ' Sacha age 42

Hayfever, pregnancy and insomnia

"I suffer badly from hay fever each year but whilst pregnant there was nothing over-the-counter that I could take. My visits to Kate were the only thing that eased my symptoms and her extensive fertility and pregnancy knowledge helped put my mind at ease. I continued to see her after my daughter was born to help with the joys of sleep deprivation and have always found her to be a calming influence as well as personable and professional. I couldn't recommend her highly enough." Katherine, Beckenham

Back pain

"I have been suffering from a very bad back for some years. I started to see Kate for a course of acupuncture and it worked wonders! I now see her on a maintenance basis once a month and the pain has not returned. I would certainly recommend her" -Pam

Stress and Tinnitus

'I had a consultation with Kate having suffered from tinnitus for over a year. I suspected this ringing in my ears that's most noticable in quiet places indicated that I had permanently damaged my ears in night clubs. I had visited a conventional doctor who said this was not the case but was still surprised when Kate's holistic approach to the problem went beyond acupunture to include advising me on the foods and lifestyle changes. After less than two months of pleasant weekly appointments with acupunture on a variety of points, the ringing was significantly improved so that it was almost unnoticable. Having had the majority of the problem dealt with, the result is that I'm now able to control the tinnitus myself by managing various aspects of my lifestyle. I fully recommend Kate's excellent and effective service to anyone. You'll be surprised what acupunture can treat.'Duncan, Ireland

Migraines and Insomnia

I have suffered from migraines and insomnia for many years and on starting my first job they became much more severe. I have tried just about everything from homeopathy, to Bowen technique but none served to completely stop them.

Kate and I agreed to starting with herbs and I thought it couldn't hurt. The effect has been amazing - the regularity of my migraines has reduced to next to nothing and I am sleeping so much better. I feel loads better in myself and an added bonus is that I am a lot less affected by my hormones than I used to be. I feel generally more balanced and am really grateful to Kate for her help" Lucy