Getting pregnant is not always easy

“Not only did my sessions with Kate help me following a late miscarriage and through my next pregnancy but she also offered incredible emotional support during an extremely difficult time”
— Carolyn (Freelance journalist and writer, Clapham)

When we start the journey towards trying to have a baby we have no idea what a bumpy ride it can be. Very quickly we can start to lose faith in our own bodies, get lost in the medical tests and jargon that surrounds fertility, as well as finding our relationships under pressure.

Supporting you on your journey

Kate has many years of experience working and specialising in the fertility field. She worked for Emma Cannon (Author Baby Making Bible) for over six years, in addition she carried out research into 'the effects of Oriental Herbal Medicine on ovarian reserve' for her Master of Science degree. She has an in depth understanding of fertility medical tests available and the IVF process. On a personal level, Kate has also experienced first hand a long journey to becoming a mother herself.

The treatments can support you if you have just started trying to conceive and are concerned that it is not happening quickly enough, or if you have suffered miscarriage and are worried that it might happen again or whether you have been trying for a number of years and are undergoing IVF. Infact, no matter what stage you are at on your journey Kate will be able to help.