NB: Herbal medicine works as part of your food in take and often works over a period of time, please be committed and take your herbs every day (or a prescribed). If you don't take it, it won't help!

formulas tailored to the individual

Every prescription that Kate writes for a patient is tailored for them and may contain between 9-15 different herbs that are chosen specifically to work for the patients individual requirements as part of their food intake. There are two main ways of taking internal herbal medicine:-

1) Raw herbs that are boiled to make a liquid called a decoction (available preboiled or boil yourself)
2) Single herb concentrated powders that are mixed into formulas and put into sachets


 Kate offers both pre-boiled herbs and herbs that you can boil yourself  with the instructions below.

Pre boiled herbs come in vacuum packs which are delivered directly to your door and you just heat them up and drink (one sachet contains a days worth). These are the easiest way take to get perfectly prepared herbs and Kate recommends this approach above any other.


Boil your own herbs come in bags (1-3 days worth in each bag) and whilst you may have to boil them to specific instructions in general they are as written below.

Directions for boiling.  You will be given a bag of herbs per day (or 2-3 days). Soak the bag of herbs in cold water (2 inches above the level of the herbs) for one hour then bring to boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain and keep the liquid. 
How to drink your daily dosage.  Drink twice a day (half of the daily liquid each time) warm usually after a meal (unless otherwise specified)

2) Concentrated powders

Concentrated powders are made up of single herbs that have been mixed to the individuals prescription requirements and then put into sachet form. 

Directions for use. Put one sachet of the powder into a cup and add boiling water (1/2 cup is sufficient). Cool to warm and drink with joy!

Dosage. Drink twice a day, warm usually after a meal (unless otherwise specified)